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UCML - University Council for Modern Languages


As an affiliated member of UCML, ABIL is represented by a committee member.

The UCML is an invaluable source of information on the Modern Foreign Languages sector across all sectors of the educational system in the United Kingdom. It represents the views and opinions of scholars and professionals in modern languages and cognate disciplines to Government, the funding councils and other bodies at national level. The UCML equally collects and disseminates information about the state of study, research and teaching of modern languages and cognate disciplines in the United Kingdom. Crucially, it also provides a forum for debate on issues of concern to its members through meetings, working parties, discussions, conferences, seminars and publications and presents the case for languages in the media.

The role of the UCML representative in the ABIL committee is both to represent the views of ABIL's members at the UCML and to disseminate useful information discussed at the UCML about any issues that may concern our members.

Thanks to our first representative, Professor Hilary Owen, there is a specially drafted questionnaire circulated annually to ABIL members (entitled Mapping Survey). Answers to the questionnaire enable ABIL and the UCML to have an accurate overview of the state of Lusophone Studies in Higher Education institutions, in terms of teaching, research, staffing levels and sources of support. Thanks to the UCML representative, you have access to the latest report below. 


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