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Call for Applications for Symposium, Seminar or Workshop Grant (2022-23)

The Association of British Lusitanists is pleased to invite applications for the 2022-23 ABIL grants.

Call for Applications for Simposium, Seminar or Workshop Grant

DEADLINE – 25 March 2022. If you wish to apply, the online application form is available here.

ABIL is calling for applications to financially support seminars, symposia or other events which advance the objectives of the Association, appeal to a number of its members, and which will take place between 1st April 2022 and 31st March 2023. We particularly encourage applications from ECRs and/or PGs. ABIL will fund events hosted online.

Please note that the financial support ABIL will be able to provide to an application is a modest sum, up to £500. For this reason, ABIL welcomes applications that also seek further additional financial support elsewhere.

In order to apply for this financial support, applicants must be members of ABIL. If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact the ABIL treasurer, Maria Tavares ( Supported events must be open to all members of ABIL (subject to payment of attendance fees, where appropriate). The contribution ABIL makes as a result of a successful application to any symposia or event must be clearly and publicly acknowledged.

Recipients of any financial support from ABIL are required to provide a copy of the event programme, including details of the papers delivered, if appropriate, and a 500-word report within the activity taking place, which may be used on the ABIL website. Applications will be assessed by the ABIL committee. Applications arriving after the deadline will not be considered under any circumstances.

Examples of possible applications envisaged include: A one Day Workshop or Symposium; a Symposium lasting more than one day; a Seminar or Seminar Series around a particular topic or theme, including separate events held over one year, at one or more academic institution(s).

ABIL is happy to support costs related to caring responsibilities (e.g. costs towards the provision of childcare) as part of the grant applications. In the outline budget, please include any such costs as part of the application.

Successful applicants must pay the costs associated with their conference or event in advance, and will be reimbursed by ABIL up to the amount of the award. To be reimbursed, the conference or event accounts must be submitted to the ABIL Treasurer. ALL claims and paperwork must be submitted by the end of April 2023.

Assessment Criteria:

• Feasibility and coherence of the programme

• Rationale for the event, including the impact of the seminar on the promotion of ABIL in the host institution and / or locality

• Justification of budget (including consideration of funding from other sources, e.g. UCML Small Grants Scheme)

• Application in support of ECR and/or PG development

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